TerpEngage is the University of Maryland’s new constituent relationship management—or CRM—tool. It is designed to connect and streamline the many processes across campus that serve and engage students, faculty, alumni, parents and prospects through a digital point of entry. TerpEngage will offer a 360-degree view of each constituent and help us deliver more personalized engagement through each phase of their UMD experience.

Current TerpEngage Initiatives

The following TerpEngage projects are currently under development:

Enrollment Management: Through a user-friendly interface, integration across multiple systems and a customer-centered approach, TerpEngage will streamline and personalize communications and improve engagement with prospective students during outreach, recruitment, application, admission, and confirmation to the university. Learn more here.

TerpEngage Advising: TerpEngage Advising integrates advising appointment scheduling, advisor-student communications, advising notes, and supporting documents with a customized 360 view of the student data most frequently used by advisors. Campus rollout is currently underway.
Learn more here.

Alumni Outreach: This project will funnel alumni information from Advance through an intuitive alumni/donor relationship tool, tracking how the University interacts with alumni and enabling targeted outreach. Learn more here.

Modernizing our virtual campus is essential—to strengthen security and give new levels of service to students, faculty and staff. TerpEngage is a major step, connecting us far more seamlessly and giving students the high quality support and experiences they deserve.

Wallace D. Loh, University of Maryland President

The TerpEngage Journey

TerpEngage and the Administrative Modernization Program (AMP)

TerpEngage is a priority project of the University of Maryland’s Administrative Modernization Program (AMP), an initiative based in the Office of the Provost that matches university technology systems and business processes with UMD’s reputation for education and innovation equal to the best. Learn more about AMP here.

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