TerpEngage and the Administrative Modernization Program

TerpEngage is a priority project of the University of Maryland Administrative Modernization Program (AMP), an initiative based in the Office of the Provost that advances how the University of Maryland sees and organizes money, makes investments in the future, and keeps education affordable. Learn more about AMP here.

Our Mission:

TERPENGAGE at the University of Maryland compiles personalized, comprehensive information under one platform, arming the UMD community with transparent, holistic information to better serve our constituents throughout their college and post-graduate experience.

Re-focus Resources: In addition to enhancing the student experience, TerpEngage will reduce administrative time and effort, transparently bridge existing systems and offer unique, real-time data to campus stakeholders.

People are the Priority: Our primary mission is customer-focused, engaging stakeholders throughout planning and implementation.

Foster Pathways for Innovation: New and unique ways of accessing and sharing information will offer creative approaches to problem solving.


Personalize and streamline connections with prospective students, current students, alumni, partners, faculty and staff to cultivate engaging experiences. This effort is powered by Salesforce.

TerpEngage will :
Enhance the student experience
Reduce administrative cost
Integrate existing systems
Deliver timely data to stakeholders

Core Values

Core values and guiding principles of the TerpEngage Program: Customer focus - People matter - Engage stakeholders throughout implementation - Create confidence in the system - Encourage and deliver consistent and open communication across all levels - Ensuring the long-term success of a University wide CRM solution - Passion for participation - Foster innovation - Provide creative approaches to problem solving - Unified approach to developing a single platform for the campus community

Current Activity

Phase 1 (December 2016 - March 2019) will design and build the campus-wide Salesforce framework and governance structure. Three projects will be implemented: Alumni and Donor Relationship Management, in partnership with the Robert H. Smith School of Business; the Advising: Student Success Initiative, in partnership with the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, the Robert H. Smith School of Business, the College of Computer, Mathematical, & Natural Sciences, and the Phillip Merrill College of Journalism; and a full CRM replacement for Enrollment Management.

Planned Activities

Plan and begin execution of Phase 2, which will include additional departments and processes as prioritized by the program governance structure.

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